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The current egg rate in Madhya Pradesh is ₹4.02 per piece(December 4, 2023), compared to yesterday’s rate of ₹4.04. (December 3, 2023), the rate was ₹4.19, and on (December 1, 2023), it was ₹4.24. Similarly, on (December 1, 2023), the egg price was ₹4.34, on 30th April 2023 it was ₹4.44, and on 29th April 2023, it was ₹4.39. The eggs were priced at ₹4.29.

Madhya Pradesh Egg Rate Today: December 4, 2023


Average Egg Rate on Madhya Pradesh Market


Egg Rate Today Madhya Pradesh

As of May 5th, 2023, the egg rate in Madhya Pradesh, India is ₹4.45 per piece or ₹445 per 100 pieces. Furthermore, the wholesale egg rate in Madhya Pradesh is reported to be ₹133.5 per tray or ₹935 per peti. These figures provide an overview of the current market prices for eggs in Madhya Pradesh.

However, it is worth noting that prices may differ depending on the location, such as egg markets, retail shops, or supermarkets. By staying up-to-date on the daily egg rates in Madhya Pradesh, consumers, and producers can make informed decisions, and our website makes accessing this pricing information easy for everyone.

NECC Egg Rate Today: December 4, 2023

Ambala Egg Rate Today₹448₹134.4₹4.48
Chennai Egg Rate Today₹470₹141₹4.7
Aurangabad Egg Rate Today₹463₹138.9₹4.63
Faridabad Egg Rate Today₹425₹127.5₹127.5
Pune Egg Rate Today₹410₹123₹4.1
Hyderabad Egg Rate Today₹405₹121.5₹4.05
Kolkata Egg Rate Today₹495₹148.5₹4.95
Mumbai Egg Rate Today₹465₹139.5₹4.65
Mysore Egg Rate Today₹460₹138₹4.6
Namakkal Egg Rate Today₹410₹123₹4.1
Pune Egg Rate Today₹485₹145.5₹4.85
Raipur Egg Rate Today₹430₹129₹4.3
Kolhapur Egg Rate Today₹465₹139.5₹4.65
Bhopal Egg Rate Today₹415₹124.5₹4.15
Indore Egg Rate Today₹435₹130.5₹4.35
Tirupati Egg Rate Today₹486₹145.8₹4.86
Vijayawada Egg Rate Today₹513₹153.9₹5.13
Patna Egg Rate Today₹485₹145.5₹4.85
Ranchi Egg Rate Today₹457₹137.1₹4.57

Madhya Pradesh Egg Rate Today

It is important to be aware that the price of eggs may vary slightly from one location to another within states and districts. Prices may differ between Egg Mandis, wholesale markets, and retail shops in Madhya Pradesh. The egg rate in Madhya Pradesh is determined by the National Egg Corporation (NECC) and manufacturers based on the current stock, inflow, and demand in the egg market.

Therefore, there is no fixed egg rate across all areas of the state. It is also worth noting that there may be differences in price between shopping malls/supermarkets and retail shops based on factors such as state, geographic location, and availability.


What is the price of Madhya Pradesh Egg today?

Egg price in Madhya Pradesh today is ₹4.45 per piece or ₹445 per 100 pieces.

What is the current wholesale Egg price in Madhya Pradesh?

The wholesale egg price in Madhya Pradesh is ₹935 per peti.

What is the rate of 1 tray egg in Madhya Pradesh?

The rate of 1 tray egg in Madhya Pradesh is ₹133.5.

What is the rate of 30 eggs in Madhya Pradesh?

The rate of 30 eggs in Madhya Pradesh is ₹133.5.