Indore Egg Rate Today: NECC Egg Rate Today Indore

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As of May (December 4, 2023), the current egg rate in Indore, India is ₹4.6 per piece or ₹460 per 100 pieces. The wholesale egg rate in Indore is also available, with 1 tray of eggs (approximately 30 eggs) priced at ₹138 and 1 peti of eggs priced at ₹966. These prices provide important information about the current market rates for eggs in Indore.

Indore Egg Rate Today: December 4, 2023


Average Egg Rate on Indore Market

NECC Egg Price:₹4.39₹131.7
Whole Sale Rate:₹4.39₹131.7
Retail Rate:₹4.71₹141.3
Super Market Rate:₹4.8₹144

Egg Rate Today Indore

It should be noted that the price of eggs may vary slightly from one location to another within the states and districts, as well as from the Egg Mandi to Wholesale, and from wholesale to retail shops in Indore. The Egg Rate is determined by the NECC (National Egg Corporation) and manufacturers based on the stock, inflow, and demand from the egg market.

Therefore, there is no fixed egg rate across the state and districts in Indore. It is important to note that there may be price differences between shopping malls/supermarkets and retail shops based on the state, geographic location, availability, and other factors.

NECC Egg Rate Today: December 4, 2023

Ambala Egg Rate Today₹448₹134.4₹4.48
Chennai Egg Rate Today₹470₹141₹4.7
Aurangabad Egg Rate Today₹463₹138.9₹4.63
Faridabad Egg Rate Today₹425₹127.5₹127.5
Pune Egg Rate Today₹410₹123₹4.1
Hyderabad Egg Rate Today₹405₹121.5₹4.05
Kolkata Egg Rate Today₹495₹148.5₹4.95
Mumbai Egg Rate Today₹465₹139.5₹4.65
Mysore Egg Rate Today₹460₹138₹4.6
Namakkal Egg Rate Today₹410₹123₹4.1
Pune Egg Rate Today₹485₹145.5₹4.85
Raipur Egg Rate Today₹430₹129₹4.3
Kolhapur Egg Rate Today₹465₹139.5₹4.65
Bhopal Egg Rate Today₹415₹124.5₹4.15
Indore Egg Rate Today₹435₹130.5₹4.35
Tirupati Egg Rate Today₹486₹145.8₹4.86
Vijayawada Egg Rate Today₹513₹153.9₹5.13
Patna Egg Rate Today₹485₹145.5₹4.85
Ranchi Egg Rate Today₹457₹137.1₹4.57

Indore Egg Rate Today

According to the latest report, the current egg rate in Indore is Rs. 4.39 per piece. However, this is not the highest price for eggs in the city over the past year. The cost of eggs has been increasing for the last few months due to the rising cost of chicken feed, which has gone up by 10% during this period. This increase in the cost of feed has led to a hike in egg prices in Indore.

In recent months, egg prices in Chennai have also been on the rise due to various factors such as increased feed costs, transportation, and labor charges. The average price of a tray of eggs in Indore now exceeds Rs. 131.7, which is a significant increase from just a few years ago when a tray of eggs could be purchased for as low as Rs. 111.7. The high prices are impacting egg consumption in Indore, as many families are reducing their consumption of this staple food. However, it is important to note that egg prices are still relatively low compared to other staples like rice and wheat.

It is unlikely that the current egg price situation in Indore will change in the near future as the cost of production is still high. However, as the industry adapts to the new reality of higher prices, egg production is likely to increase, which could eventually bring prices down. In the meantime, consumers in Indore will have to continue paying more for their eggs.


What is the egg rate today in Indore?

The egg rate in Indore varies depending on the region. In general, eggs are relatively inexpensive in Indore. However, Average egg rate in Indore today is Rs. 4.50 per piece.

What are the current egg prices?

The current egg prices in Indore vary depending on the region and the time of year. However, on average, a tray eggs costs around Rs. 110-150.

What is the average price of eggs in Indore?

The average price of eggs in Indore is Rs. 3.5 to Rs. 5.5 per piece. There is no definitive answer to this question as the price of eggs can vary greatly depending on the region of Indore that you are in, as well as the time of year and the type of eggs that you are looking to purchase. However, as a general guide, you can expect to pay anywhere between Rs. 3.5 to Rs. 5.5 per piece for eggs in Indore.

What is the most expensive egg in Indore?

The most expensive egg in Indore is the ostrich egg. It is usually sold for around Rs. 2,000.

What is the cheapest egg in Indore?

The cheapest egg in Indore is the chicken egg. Eggs from other birds such as quail, duck, and goose are more expensive.

What is the difference between brown and white eggs?

The difference between brown and white eggs is that brown eggs are generally more expensive than white eggs. This is because brown eggs are produced by hens that are typically fed a higher-quality diet than those that lay white eggs. Brown eggs also tend to have a slightly higher nutritional value than white eggs.

What is the difference between free range and cage free eggs?

The main difference between free range and cage free eggs is that free range eggs come from chickens that are able to roam freely, while cage free eggs come from chickens that are confined to a cage. However, both types of eggs may be from chickens that are given access to the outdoors.

What is the nutritional value of eggs?

One large egg has around 77 calories, 6 grams of protein, 5 grams of fat, and 1.6 grams of saturated fat. Eggs are also a good source of vitamins A, D, and E, as well as iron, phosphorus, and selenium.